Who is a corporate user?

An individual who authenticates one's corporate email Id would be registered as a corporate user. Alternatively a user can edit one's profile and provide a corporate email Id to be verified as a corporate user.

Corporate users would have an additional access to their OWN private corporate group of co-workers and can exclusively share rides within their own group.

As a corporate user, one can ALSO post travel requests with users outside their PRIVATE group(s). This can be done by simply posting the travel request to the 'PUBLIC' group.

Is the corporate email Id mandatory for corporate users?

Yes, the corporate email Id would be mandatory for those users who wish to register as a corporate user. As this adds you to the special feature of Joinwheels where you can post rides in your closed corporate group also.

Why a corporate user?

Well, if you are still not sure to share rides with strangers! You can have a PRIVATE & SECURE closed group to post your rides within your organization. Where all your co-travellers are from your organizations. And the trust & reliability is already in the background.

Your travel plans / requests / ride details would not be visible outside your corporate network. (Until & unless you choose to do so)

How do I know if my company is already affiliated to JoinWheels?

You may try and register on JoinWheels using your official email Id. If your organisation has been affiliated, you would receive an OTP.

How to become a corporate user?

Happy to see your friend enjoying a hassle free ride with his colleagues, you too can initiate the walk in your company.

Register using your corporate email id & contact number, you will receive respective OTP's on your corporate email id & contact number. Once the account is activated, we will create your account as a CORPORATE USER.

Benefits of using the corporate version of the app?

  1. You can easily trust your colleague as your co-traveller.
  2. No time confusions, as the pickups & drop offs would be mostly the common office timings.
  3. Travel cancellation & escalations would be very rare.
  4. Recurring rides can be posted easily.
  5. Co-travellers search would be very easy.
  6. A new bond is developed between the colleagues while travelling.
  7. The apps corporate features are additional; you can anytime use the same app for posting your public rides and travel with any JW traveller.